Snapshots of our Learning in Whakatōtanga …

Sprouting Seedlings… 

Throughout the year, we engage in rich learning activities.

Check out these photos to see what we have been up to:



Pink Shirt Day

“Kōrero Mai, Kōrero Atu, Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora – Speak Up, Stand Together, Stop Bullying!”


The Cultural Parade 


The official opening our Nature Wonderland 🍁

We had a very special ceremony with our special guests that made our dream come true!
We would like to acknowledge the Rotary Club of Ellerslie Sunrise and The Johnson Trust for funding the project. A special thanks to Bill, Paul, Matt, Johnny and the rest of the team from Savory Construction for their incredible support and construction skills and last but not least we would like to thank Bob Stubbs from Rotary for his support of this project from the beginning. Bob, you have been fabulous to work with and we couldn’t have achieved this without you.




Tūhuratanga Tāima Under Oma The Oak Tree

Dear Bob, The Rotary, Susan and Savory Construction.  Thank you for making our Nature Wonderland.  My favourite part is playing in the teepees.  I can’t wait for the loose parts.  I am going to build stuff with my friends.  I can make loads of things with the loose parts.  Stanhope Road School is very lucky to have a new play area!  Yours Nelson Room 9.

Dear Bob, The Rotary, Susan and Savory Construction.  I would like to thank you for building our fantastic camping area.  The teepees are wonderful for playing a new game called ‘teepee tag.’  We make obstacle courses with the logs and rafts.  We love jumping from one to the other just like ‘The Floor is Lava!’  The gardens are magnificent and the plants look lovely.  Oma the oak tree is very happy to watch us all play.  Yours Talulah Room 8.



Fun Run


Art Gallery 2020

Room 8 Weaving

Room 6 Turtle Pictures

Room 9 Clay Mobiles

Room 4 Paper Mache Bowls

Room 7 Splatter Art

Room 3 Tangaroa’s Gift


Room 2 Masks


Room 5 Germ Art

Room 10 Wire Sculptures

A story from The Art Room – Te Moko Ika A Hikuwaru. A taniwha with eight limbs which came to Aotearoa with the Tainui waka and fell in love with the Panmure Basin. 


Hautūtanga Leaders

(S.O.C) The Social Offline Club ​organised a special paint mixing experience for Room 9 and Room 3.



The TREEmendous Tree Makeover 🌳


Buggin’ with Ruud 🐝🦋🐞


Book Week – Book Character Parade 📒


Book Week Guest Readers 📗

Mrs Bristow read to Room 4


Mr MacDonald read to Room 9

Our Continued Dedication to Learning Online During Lockdown II

The Whakatōtanga Team have embraced online learning for a second time! We have kept
our teachers very busy with all of our creative posts on Seesaw. This time around it has
been lovely to spend time catching up in daily Zoom sessions!
Thank you to all our wonderful Whānau for all the support you have given! Homai te pakipaki!



We have been improving our coordination, strength, power and flexibility.  Our discipline, listening and determination while having fun when participating in Gymnastics.



My Kitchen Rules Bake Off!




Making George’s Marvellous Medicine



Creating a fun experience of the sport while at the same time introducing martial art style discipline and training


Bumping Bubbles Art


Dedication to Learning Online During Lockdown







9 – 13 March Safe Walking with Constable Gordon


Dance Across the Curriculum


Cooling off in the Pool

  .                                                      .

Gardening with Susan



Whakatōtanga Kapa Haka


Inquiring into ‘What makes a great community?’



Tūhuratanga Tāima Teamwork and Play




On the 8th December Whakatōtanga experienced a Water Fun Day to celebrate the end of the year.  This event was all planned and organised by the Hautūtanga Sports Leadership Team!  Congratulations to our school leaders, what a superb day!


 We thoroughly enjoyed learning all about our Stanhope Bees and how they make delicious honey!





‘Where The Wild Things Are’ show


Where the Wild Things Are mask design project



Junky Monkey 🐵



Investigating Floating and Sinking in Room 6



We have been developing co-ordination, physical fitness, and strength through the Gymnastics programme


Whakatōtanga Tree Planting – thanks to the ‘Love Your Neighbourhood’ fund and our Parent Group the school could purchase 22 fruit trees, enough for every class in the school to plant one! The students enjoyed getting outside, getting dirty and learning how to plant a tree.  We can’t wait until our students have fresh apples, pears, peaches, plums, peach cots, guavas, mandarins, lemonade lemons, figs, guavas and cherimoyas to snack on during morning tea and lunch times.

Room 3 planted a ‘Packham’s Triumph’ pear tree

Room 7 planted a ‘Silverhill’ mandarin tree

Room 2 planted a ‘Yellow’ guava tree


Room 9 planted a ‘Winter Nellis’ pear tree

Room 8 planted a ‘Billington’ plum tree

Room 5 planted a ‘Beurre Bosc’ pear tree

Room 10 planted a ‘Peach Cot’ tree

Room 6 planted a ‘Brown Turkey’ fig tree


The Whakatōtanga Room 9 Garden Club have pulled a large radish out of the garden. They all pulled
together just like in the story, ‘The Gigantic Turnip’! The Garden Club also harvested some celery,
sugar snap peas and salad leaves to take home to share with their whanau.


From garden to plate…


Off to the farm….


And then there were two…

We just loved learning about, holding and watching our chicks grow!


We have started Term Three with the arrival of our 9 chicks from The Living Eggs Programme.


On the 8 and 9 August the Whakatōtanga Team went to The Auckland Museum and The Auckland National Library.  The groups rotated around the ‘Stars in their Eyes’ education programme and explored all the exciting other exhibitions.  Our learning focus was around the journeys people have travelled to get to New Zealand in the past.

The Auckland Museum


The Auckland National Library


On the 5th August, 406 students and 51 adults climbed aboard eight buses travelling to Manukau to see the Whetu and Nick Show. This was an entertaining performance that linked directly to the school Inquiry this term – “If Aotearoa could speak, what would we discover?”




On the 14 June Whakatōtanga hosted the School Assembly.  Room 8 taught us the body parts song  – Māhunga, pakihiwi, puku, hope, waewae.  Room 3 recited class poems and Room 9 entertained everyone with a circus made up of ‘loose parts.’  Thank you to our 2 announcers from Room 10!  Loads of fun was had by all as we had a ‘Baby Shark’ dance off!









Congratulations to one lucky Whakatōtanga learner!  He won The Minstrel’s fishing rod for his writing!

“Kōrero Mai, Kōrero Atu, Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora – Speak Up, Stand Together, Stop Bullying!”

On Friday the 17 May the whole school participated in Pink Shirt Day.  Celebrated annually around the globe, Pink Shirt Day began in Canada in 2007.  Pink Shirt Day aims to create schools, workplaces and communities where all people feel safe, valued and respected.


Sunday 12 May – Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful mothers and amazing caregivers.  We appreciate our Home School Partnership and all your support – From the Whakatōtanga Team.

On Wednesday 8 May The Minstrel,  his wife and Hiwi the Kiwi came to remind us how to be a kaitiaki of the oceans and fish for the future.  We learnt how to keep marine life safe when we go fishing and how to keep ourselves safe too!  


On Tuesday 7 May St John came to visit us and taught us all about identifying obvious hazards in our homes, school and local environment and how to adopt simple safety practices.  We even got to administer some first aid on each other!




On Friday 3 May Kelly Sport came to provide us with Cure Kids Donation Promo Day.  It was an exquisite sunny day with loads of fun had by all!  



In Term 1 Room 9 made Pet Robots.  We thoroughly enjoyed the hands on experience!  You can see problem solving in action. We were using our curiosity, creativity as well as logic to make new discoveries.